Robustt, a trusted brand, established by AVA International Private Limited (AIPL) specialises in providing industrial safety equipment. Being one of India's leading brands of industrial safety products we take pride in a huge category of products i.e., head protection, leg protection, eye protection, road safety, and indoor & outdoor supplies with a state of art.

With our motto of Prioritizing Safety First, we are on a mission to build a reliable industrial safety brand in this unstructured segment. At Robustt, we understand that "Life is precious" hence we offer the best-in-class safety equipment, including chemical safety goggles, anti-slip tape, and a wide portfolio of over 70+ products, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Our Mission

At Robustt, our mission is clear: to empower businesses with top-tier safety equipment that not only meets industry standards but exceeds them. We believe in fostering a culture of safety, where every individual can thrive knowing they are protected by the finest gear available.