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shanoop k prakash
Its a great product

does the job.

Thank You!!

mohit chandel
The quality of the product is good

This product was comfortable & helped a lot by reducing the noise.

Thank You!!

I purchased this for my 2 year old daughter for Diwali

as she was afraid of the crackers sound. This product was comfortable & helped her a lot by reducing the noise.

Thank You!!

,Pavan Kumar
the base is really good

it a value for this range of money. i really liked it. only the comfort has to be more good!

Thank You!!

I am using it on daily basis

it's really amazing.

Thank You!!

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A: The Robustt earmuffs have a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 decibels, providing effective noise reduction in various environments.

A: The earmuffs feature a 3-position adjustable headband, allowing you to customize the fit for optimal comfort. Simply adjust the headband to your desired position.

A: Absolutely, the earmuffs come with soft ear cup pads to enhance comfort while providing effective sound protection.

A: The earmuffs are ideal for various scenarios, including shooting, hunting, sporting events, concerts, festivals, studying, and use with loud machines in construction and landscaping work.

A: While the earmuffs can significantly reduce ambient noise, they are not capable of completely isolating it. They provide a substantial level of noise reduction to safeguard your hearing.